Can I get a blood glucose meter and test strips from 9am?

Yes! provides a blood glucose meter and an ongoing test strip subscription. The meter is free when you sign up to receive test strips!

The meter we offer is the CONTOUR®NEXT ONE Meter. Test strips are sent as a three-month supply, and the actual amount of strips is based on how often you test. 

You can add test strips to your subscription at any time, and the costs are as follows:

  • 100 test strips/3 months: $45
  • 200 test strips/3 months: $90
  • 300 test strips/3 months: $135

In addition to test strips and a meter, we can also send you a box of 100 lancets for $13. 

If you have further questions or concerns or would like assistance adding test strips to your subscription, please reach out to us directly via email, phone/text (202) 932-9958, or the messenger in your account. 

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